The Spectrum 10K consultation has now been launched and you can find out more here. Spectrum 10K will remain paused. Once the consultation is complete, this website will be updated.

Our Advisory Panel

We have involved an advisory panel at various stages of setting up Spectrum 10K. The advisory panel is a group of individuals who offer their perspective and expertise as representative members of the autism community. Our panel comes together at least once annually, and has gathered at least twice a year prior to the study launch. 

Our advisory panel consists of the following individuals:

  • Autistic adults
  • Parents of autistic children
  • Charity representatives
  • Clinical psychologists/psychiatrists and community paediatricians

The advisory panel has provided feedback on various aspects of the study, including the type of questions that we ask about wellbeing in autism, as well as looking carefully through many of our materials such as the participant information sheets and consent forms, logo design and animation videos.

We will continue this important collaboration with our advisory panel to:

  1. Examine the progress of the study
  2. Prioritize research questions that are important to autistic people
  3. Develop strategries for communicating the research outcomes and optimizing their impact