Frequently Asked Questions

Spectrum 10K Personal Account

If you are unable to log into your account, please email with the  subject: “Logging in” and a member of the team will be able to assist you.

If you no longer want to be part of the study you can withdraw from the study at any time but it will not be possible to delete your account for data governance purposes.

If you would like to withdraw, please contact us by emailing with your request. You will also be able to submit your decision to withdraw online via your account. You are welcome to discuss concerns with us at any time, and the various options you have for withdrawal.

You have three options for withdrawal:

No Further Contact:  

This means that Spectrum 10K would no longer contact you directly but would have permission to retain and use information and samples you provided previously and to  obtain and use further information from your health records. This level of withdrawal allows researchers to study autism with the goal of improving the health of autistic people and  their family members. 

No Further Access:  

This means that Spectrum10K would no longer contact you or obtain further information from health records in the future, but still has permission to use the information and  samples provided previously. 

No Further Use: 

In addition to no longer contacting you or obtaining further information, any information  and samples collected previously would no longer be available to researchers. Spectrum 10K  would destroy samples (although it may not be possible to trace all distributed sample remnants) and would only hold information for archival audit purposes. Such a withdrawal would prevent information about you contributing to further research, but it would not be possible to remove data from research that had already taken place.