The Spectrum 10K consultation is now closed. We are sincerely grateful to the hundreds of autistic people and carers/parents of autistic people who have taken part in this unique consultation.​ The findings of the consultation will be published later this year and will inform the future direction of the Spectrum 10K study.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Data

The Spectrum 10K team will only access relevant sections of participants’ medical records (Electronic Health Records). This may include information on diagnoses, prescriptions and referrals. Participants’ medical records will provide useful information that can be analysed in combination with genetic and questionnaire data. This will provide a comprehensive overview of the relationship between genes, co-occurring conditions and clinical outcomes, and may help to identify where current needs are not being met.

Accessing your medical records (Electronic Health Records) will be processed electronically through the Secure NHS Network using your details and/or your NHS number. This will be done using strict data sharing protocols that have been authorised by national bodies who hold and maintain medical records in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.